• Keepers
    Summer 2016 Issue of Virginia Quarterly Review. >> full text here.<<
  • The Quiet Thing
    Spring 2015 Issue of The Kenyon Review Online. >> full text here.<<
  • The Queen
    Fall 2014 Issue of New South.
  • One in Ten Fish Are Afraid of Water
    Fall 2013 Issue of Philadelphia Stories.
  • Cucarachero
    Issue 6 of Enizagam.
  • What You Need to Know About Missing Persons
    Fall 2012 issue of The Pinch (32.2).
  • Pyotr
    Winter 2012 issue of Kartika Review.


appeared in the ‘Distinguished Stories’ list in Best American Short Stories 2017.

The Queen
received the 2014 New South Fiction Prize.

One in Ten Fish Are Afraid of Water
 received the 2013 Marguerite McGlinn National Prize for Fiction.

—Final judge Michael Martone writes: “[the story] embodies, dramatizes, and transports osmosis and the permeable movement through boundaries and borders formally, in its content, and with its characters. The story is about betwixt and between, and its author handles all of the transgressions, transitions, and transmogrifications with grace and grit.” 

received the 2012 Enizagam Award.

—Final judge Daniel Handler (aka Lemony Snicket) writes: “‘Cucarachero’ is one of those stories that works like a trap. I wandered into the first paragraphs, charmed and intrigued, and then, curiouser and curiouser, fell deeper and deeper in, and not until the story was over did I have a real appreciation for how smart the thing is, how wise about people so unwise, how careful and yet how instinctually the whole thing is put together. This is the kind of thing I always want to read.”



  • “Saphir’s Room” published in Trop magazine.





  • War and Peace: Where is North Korea headed after Kim Jong-il? Written by Jang Sung-min, former congressman of South Korea and foreign affairs aide to former President Kim Dae-jung. Published by Gimm-Young Publishers.